PDa freeware

PDA Freeware   to suit Pocket PC Windows

To download  right click on the link and "Save Link Target As..."

Periodic Table 91k   small and handy shows periodic table of elements
click on the element to get a listing of physical properties of the element

Scientific Calculator 484kb   comprehensive scientific calculator, several screens for Statistics, Financial and Engineering  applications

Leo's Flight Simulator 2387 kb    works quite well, several aircraft and  a couple of locations, not sure how to launchn the hang-glider or thermal gliders that are offered , be prepared to reload the program from time to time

Graphics Calculator 507 kb    a basic graphics calculator requires the freeware Net.Framework 1.1 (23698kb) from Microsoft downloads website

Frequncy Tuner 432kb -use if to measure the frequency of a wide range of sounds or use it to tune a musical instrument

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